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Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6)

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6) - Ilona Andrews All right, several hours after finishing this book, I had to reduce my rating from 4.5 stars to solid 4-stars. Simply because after the excitement of reading was gone, there were several issues that became my complaints of this book.The good thingsI was truly grateful that Ilona Andrews wrote several paragraphs to explain what had happened. I know that there are reviewers who hated it, thinking it could drag the storyline. However, I was one type of readers who couldn't remember details. So I needed those reminders. The book had quite a fast pace to it. I loved that Kate, Curran, and other members of the Pack (Yay for bringing Barnabas! I really loved that guy!) were doing road sea trip. I always enjoy the sense of adventure. There was a change of place as well, from America to Europe. I loved that some new players introduced, some are more intriguing than others. (AND YES, the m/m lover in me wanted to see Barnabas with Christopher ... hmm, yummy men love). I hoped those new players made another appearance in the next book.I loved that Kate was still a bad-ass -- but at the same time, the fights are between her + the Pack against the bad guys; she didn't carry the whole world by herself. She asked for advices and let Pack members to go along with her when she tracked down the bad guys. Nothing annoyed me more than martyrdom complex in urban fantasy.There were some moments that broke my heart: from Doolittle's reaction to the demise of a long-time player (no, I didn't see that coming *sniff*). There were also moments that made go 'awwww' (yes, it involved Kate and Curran). So all in all, my emotions were nicely played. Giddy, amused, shocked, heartbroken.The not-so good thingsThe whole Curran keeping a secret from Kate annoyed me. I knew that he was trying to protect her, but this was book #6, I was hoping he was past that. I know that I would feel the same way if Kate did the same thing. It felt like Curran was barely there. Also in the final fight. We had Curran fighting Hugh but it practically happened off page. It should've been epic but it wasn't reaching that level for me.The whole foreshadowing talk about marriage and baby for Kate and Curran... I don't know, I mean, I love for them to get that kind of HEA, but at the same time, it felt like it was introduced to follow some sort of typical HEA. It was a bit banal, actually. From that last chapter to Epilogue ... felt like it was a little bit rushed. Since that one character died, I was expecting something more subdued before the Epilogue. But there wasn't any. So this character's death felt like it was just dust in the wind.Derek was also getting smaller scenes *pout*Overall though, still a solid sequel to the series. Bring on book #7, please...