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Red Hot Fury (Shades of Fury Series #1)

Red Hot Fury - Kasey MacKenzie 3.5 starsStory description, for my personal purpose only: HUGE SPOILER TO THE WHOLE PLOTLINE. Behind the spoiler tag is basically what the book is all about. You've been warned!Marissa Holloway is a Fury; she had been born into an ancient bloodlines sworn to protect bothmortals and immortals from those who would use magic to harm them. As a Tisiphone (class of Furies responsible for solving most homicides, Marissa also works as Boston Chief Magical Investigator, solving murder cases involving immortal victims or criminals.When the body of her Fury best friend, Vanessa, surfaced after she has been gone for three years, Marissa is called to investigate. However, she finds out that the body is not actually Vanessa, but a Sidhe in glamor. Sidhe has long been presumed extinct, a result from the Times of Trouble (or the Great War between arcanes - magical creatures -- and mundanes -- or mortals).Apparently, a group of mortals and an arcane traitor has been kidnapping arcanes. Their goal is to clone Sidhe with other arcane, creating a new hybrid of arcane races. With an attack to her family and her life, Marissa can only turn to one person she knows she can trust -- her ex-Warhound lover, Scott Murphy.As Marissa tries to hunt this group and stop their madness plan, she discovers more family secret -- her mother, whom has been missing for 20 years, is still alive and she is actually the first victim of the grand plan. Her mother is impregnated and results in the first male Fury, Mac -- who also married to Scott's cousin.And the identity of the traitor is very close to home -- it's Marissa's own mentor, Stacia)The story starts a bit rocky for me. In fact, up to Chapter 3, before Riss sets to meet Scott, her ex, I feel like I've been pushed into an unknown territory without so much a proper guideline. It's something common in urban fantasy series. The author's way to build the world by using terms is confusing -- and the dialogues don't flow smoothly. But after Riss meets Scott and asks for his help, things really get interesting. Fast action, great twists and turns, and also a dip of reunited romance between Riss and Scott. There are a quite big number of secondary characters being introduced; but again, after Chapter 4, I grasp the information quite nicely. It's a thrilling story until the very end -- and Riss is one kicked-ass heroine. Her ability to channel Rage and turns into full Fury form is fantastic. I am looking forward to read the sequel ...