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Guardian Angel (The Jimmy McSwain Files) (Volume 4) - Adam Carpenter

3.5 stars

Jimmy McSwain is back, again handling two cases at one. He has been hired to protect socialite Serena Carson from an abusive ex, when later the abusive ex and Serena's boy toy for the moment are both found dead at her house. Meanwhile the other case hits very close to home, when Jimmy's cousin, also found dead with a bullet in his forehead ... a murder that might somehow related to the death of Jimmy's father fifteen years previously.

I didn't enjoy this as much as the previous one -- which at the moment was my favorite McSwain book. Here, I thought immy was very much distracted with his love life as well as his need to close his father's case ... the Forever Haunt. I know that the case probably what drives this series, but we're in book #4 already, this becomes HIGHLY repetitive. Especially since I read these four books within close time range. So I didn't think that Jimmy did a lot of investigation, the answer to the murder seemed to come out of the blue.

And I really thought that the doctor Jimmy was seeing in the beginning to be rather creepy. Seriously, he asked Jimmy to move in with him only after a couple of dates?!? I felt rather relieved when Jimmy decided to take step back ... and seemed to bring him back to the arms of Frank.

What I did love was the somber mood regarding the death of Jimmy's cousin. The previous cases weren't all too personal for Jimmy. This one is. Plus there seems to be a slight development regarding the Blue Death. So maybe the next book -- which seems to be entitled FOREVER HAUNT -- will finally answer everything.