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Will You Be My Escort (Meg Harding)

Will You Be My Escort - Meg Harding

3.5 stars

Meg Harding is back with the Carliles -- and I must say that this family is entertaining *LOL*. I am so used to reading about big/crazy/nosy families in M/F small town romance, so I quite welcome Jackson and his family on their reunion to Hawaii.

I liked that they are not homophobic bigot family, so no hateful comments from older uncle, or church-going aunties ... simply crazy competitive family members, which probably are determined to drive away the hopeful weaklings of joining their clan *LAUGH*

I thought Jackson was adorable. I thought Aaron was a good man. I liked them enough together, but I had to admit that their relationship just fell into the light angst/nice category for me. It wasn't exhilarating enough and the (view spoiler) fizzled out the story near the end. So I enjoyed this but not loving it enough for my 4* category.