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Stage Fright (Adam Carpenter)

Stage Fright: The Jimmy McSwain Files #3 (Volume 3) - Adam Carpenter

3.75 stars rounded up

In Stage Fright, book #3 in The Jimmy McSwain Files series, P.I. Jimmy McSwain is hired by T. Wellington “Welly” Calloway, owner of the Calloway theater, to find who has been sending Casey Crais (writer of the upcoming play, Triskaidekaphobia) threat letters. On the other case, Jimmy is contacted by the sister of Rashad Assan, who killed Jimmy's father fifteen years before, who gives further clues that may be, his father is stumbled into a conspiracy within the NYPD...

I enjoyed this third Jimmy McSwain book better than the previous two. Jimmy wasn't consumed as much with his father's case this time -- probably because the murderer has been killed in the previous book. Although there seems to be a bigger conspiracy at play, but I felt that it didn't take the front seat.

I liked the case involving the theater people. At first it was only about the threatening letters -- I totally guessed the case right! -- but then someone was murdered, on stage!! So that upped the ante a bit. I also guessed where this one case went ... though I didn't expected the twist related to the victim.

It seemed that Jimmy and Frank's relationship now hit the full stop. I kind of expected it, with Frank's unwillingness to come out at work, and his ambition to reach the top. But I couldn't deny that I liked Jimmy and Frank together. There was this melancholic tenderness throughout the book and of course, I was a sucker for that.

Will definitely check out book #4 :)