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The Weight of It All (N.R. Walker)

The Weight of It All (The Weight of It All #1) - N.R. Walker

Some parts of this book were VERY relatable for me. I started to work out (jogging/running, to be exact) last year, when I got an epiphany about my weight. I didn't go to the gym or hired personal trainer; but I made sure that I had morning run every week since then. I was able to run 10k first time earlier this year, and before the year is over I will try if I can run 15k.

So what Henry was experiencing ... I've been there, even if my reason for exercising didn't have anything to do with relationship or self-esteem. I knew how good it felt when I had to buy new smaller clothes size. I could somewhat relate to what Henry was feeling.

And I loved that epilogue, it was sweet.

BUT, there is a reason why I no longer read N.R. Walker. I find her writing to be repetitively boring for my current taste. I skimmed this story a LOT because it felt redundant (after a while, the whole thing of "I'm dying" from Henry was grating on my nerves), it was going on and on and on, and I didn't find Henry as hilarious ... I found him trying to hard and I didn't smile/laugh even once over his jokes.

So, it was just an okay book for me, mainly because despite the theme, I didn't click with Walker's writing style anymore *shrugs*