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Beyond the Grill (by Tracey Michael)

Beyond the Grill - Tracey Michael

I hate to say it, but Beyond the Grill is one case where the blurb is more exciting than the story itself and I struggle to find something good to say about it. I think I had a big issue with the writing – there isn’t enough characterization and relationship building. It felt on the humdrum side of storytelling as well.

I felt like I was being shoved into a story without context, where any development resided solely in the author’s head. I didn’t get any background information about either Justin or Shane. There isn’t enough chemistry showing between the two men.

When the ex-boyfriend appeared on page, he was almost like a cartoon villain: two-dimensional with an evil plan that was a combination of over-the-top dramatic and unreasonable motive (again, probably because not enough given to building the suspense for it). Of course it didn’t help that Justin and Shane easily fell into the ‘lack of communication’ trap.

I am a bit reluctant to recommend this novella – but hey, maybe someone else will enjoy this more than I. If you like blue collar men or being surrounded with cars, you may like it.

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