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Making Waves (Marie Sexton)

Making Waves (Wrench Wars Book 4) - Marie Sexton
2.5 stars

Marie Sexton has written some of my favorite M/M stories, ever… unfortunately, this is not one of them, in my humble opinion. The blurb implies that Dean will play quite a significant role in this novella – unfortunately, it also makes Dean the reason why I spent most of the time reading this FUMING .

In short, Dean is an asshole. He is a jackass to both Ward, who is his best friend, and to Ash, who is his brother. He sabotages Ward’s relationship. He is selfish and self-absorbed. I hated he even has scenes on this novella.

Ward and Ash are okay. I liked that Ward finally calls Dean out on what he is (a jerk). Ash doesn’t immediately gives up their relationship because his brother is a self-centered bastard. But I wish I saw more of Ward and Ash developing their relationship. Instead, those times felt summarized and rushed.

So yeah, this was NOT the best of Marie Sexton. I could probably remember this, but not in a positive way.

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