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The Trouble With Mistletoe (Jill Shalvis)

The Trouble with Mistletoe - Jill Shalvis
3.75 stars rounded up

If you are a fan of Jill Shalvis, I think you will get her usual charm in The Trouble With Mistletoe, the second installment in Heartbreaker Bay. There is a likeable hero, likeable heroine, bunch of tight-knit friends, witty and snappy banter, a dash of humor, adorable moments, scene-stealing animals(!), and of course, a happy ending. In the middle, there will be obstacles to the romance, usually because either the hero or the heroine don’t believe themselves worthy of love and happily ever after, or they don’t believe in commitment.

Yes, the classic albeit predictable formula. It might not be a deep, insightful or life changing read, but I see nothing wrong with it. There is something comforting in familiarity, and I admit, that is the reason why I keep returning to Shalvis’ fictional worlds, again and again, especially with her recent series.

From the first meeting, when Willa opened the pet shop door to Keane – her wearing a questionable reindeer-antler headband and him carrying a bright pink bedazzled cat carrier – I knew that I would be in for a treat. I guess the fact that Willa works in a pet shop (All those animals!! Heck the animals are definitely the winner in my eyes) and Keane taking care of his aunt’s cat – despite the fact that the cat seems to hate him – screamed with the potential of some cute scenes.

I admit that Keane’s fear of commitment didn’t ring very true, as it wasn’t explored deeply. I would love to know more about his background, including the relationship with his family. The way that Keane treated Willa didn’t support the one-night-stand-serial kind of guy to me. Thus, the switch between him wanting no commitment to fully committing to loving Willa felt too sudden and rushed.

I felt like I got to know more about Willa and her fear of a happy ending – plus her realization of love was helped by her tight-knit friends and former foster kids.

All in all, I enjoyed Willa and Keane’s journey to a happy ending. I like this better than the previous book, though not as much as I loved the popular Lucky Harbor series. I can’t wait to read Rory’s novella coming in November, as well as Elle’s story in January.

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