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The Empty Rooftop (Lily MacPherson)

The Empty Rooftop - Lily MacPherson

I bought this book because I still wanted to read another F/F romance as part of genre challenge involvement at Joyfully Ja. Also because I read positive review from Lena♥Ribka and this cover from Natasha Snow is absolutely gorgeous!!

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, it didn't reach to its full potential. I totally loved the idea -- both the mystery about serial killer as well as blossoming romance between an FBI consultant a girl car racer. However, the execution was slightly lacking.

In terms of romance, MacPherson was doing more "tell than show", which always annoyed me. Yes, Anya and Tommi connected but there were chunks of time missing from their relationship progress. I didn't get enough 'evidence', so to speak, especially when sometimes weeks went by, or part of their activities and conversations were only summarized.

The serial killer / investigative part also wasn't deeply explored. I always consider myself a mystery fan at heart. I grew up with Famous Five and Agatha Christie. I didn't read romance until I was in my teens. So I always have expectations when it comes to romance with mystery element. How MacPherson approached the investigation and later on, the reveal of the serial killer felt like only touched the surface. The mystery fan in me wasn't satisfied at all.

However, I did love MacPherson's writing. There was this melancholia mood to it, I could feel Anya's loneliness before she met Tommi. I could feel how she struggle with her tough job, the needs to keep it a secret, and at the same time wanting to have more meaningful relationship with Tommi. I always love stories that explore the feel of loneliness. I am a sucker for this kind of emotional conflict.

So there, another f/f romance in my collection ^_^. This one didn't have explicit on-page sex scenes though, only few kisses, which probably a plus point for me as well since I'm still uncomfortable reading lesbian sex :)

Part of my involvement in Joyfully Jay Reading Challenge Month 2016 Week 4: Genre Challenge