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Far From Home (Lorelei Brown)

Far from Home - Lorelie Brown
3.75 stars rounded up

When Joyfully Jay blog announced that the last week on the reading month challenge would be Genre Week (pick a book in a genre/trope that you don’t usually read), I knew exactly what I wanted.

I have never read F/F romance before but I've been wanted to -- to open my eyes and get out of my comfort reading zone. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and bought this one -- simply because I have loved the blurb ever since I first saw it on Riptide newsletter, but never took a step to do something about it until now.

I really thought this was lovely. I loved the friendship between Rachel and Pari that turned into something more. There were moments that really touched me... I don't know whether this is similar to all F/F books, but I never felt both women to be assertive, which I appreciated. The sweet tenderness felt different compared to when I read M/F or M/M romance for sure.

To me Rachel, the main narrator, was beautiful in her imperfection. She was still battling eating disorder (she's anorexic) and I wanted to thank the author for having such character in my romance. This had quite few other diversity elements check out, in my opinion: Pari being an Indian (which means interracial relationship) and Rachel being a demi-sexual.

Now, for the things that I wasn't sure about ...

I still wasn't that comfortable reading sex scenes between two women. See, words like pussy or cunt made me squirm. I felt the same when reading those words in M/F romance (which was one of the reason why I avoid erotica genre), but two women means quite many of those words appearing for my taste. I tried to read it through here, but I will probably end up skimming sex scenes in future read, just like I do most of the times (laugh).

I also thought few things were not described clearly, for example Rachel and Pari's friendship before Rachel even offered to marry Pari. How did they become friends and how close their friendship were before? Pari knew about Rachel's anorexic problem, though, so at least they were not just mere acquaintances? Anyway, it bothered me a bit that I didn't get all these information.

Having said that, after I mulled it over for the past two days (including the part with me being uncomfortable with the sex scenes), in overall, I still could say that I loved this. Thus my 4-stars rating category. I am happy this is my first F/F romance :)

Part of my involvement in Joyfully Jay Reading Challenge Month 2016 Week 4: Genre Challenge