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All Of Me (Jennifer Bernard)

All of Me - Jennifer Bernard

2.5 stars

Meh. Too many over-the-top drama for my taste: sex scandal, con-artist father, slanders... It just went on and on. The things that Sadie's ex did was so juvenile it robbed out any chance of me enjoying the romance.

I also thought Sadie being a little too 'weak' when it came to dealing with her ex. If she wanted to be a lawyer and didn't have the nerves of steel or the wits when facing his ex, she would've been eaten in courts. Then again, probably because these characters were young? I think they were only in their 20's ... and I prefer my characters to be slightly older (or at least one of them is).

Bottom line, uninspiring romance, and I think I will bail out from reading the next books in this series.