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Dead and Lost (Lou Harper)

Dead and Lost: L.A. Paranormal - Lou Harper

L.A. Paranormal is probably my favorite series from Lou Harper, which might be influenced by the mystery fan in me. I enjoyed the adventure of Jon and Leander, and the whole psychic side of Leander just added the fun.

This novella is a nice surprise -- the previous L.A. Paranormal book, Dead in the Desert was released in 2013 -- especially since I haven't heard Lou Harper planning to continue. The mystery in this one is loosely related to Dead in the Desert although you can still read this as stand-alone. In Dead in the Desert, a child's remainds was discovered and the detective was asking Leander to help identify the body. Back then, Leander refused. However, in this one, it turned out that Leander finally decided to help Detective Cora.

For the first time (after two books), the story was solely written from Leander's POV ... and I LOVED IT. Leander is adorable!! How can I not love a guy who openly admitted that he loves books so much, he tends to hoard them *lol*. Leander has this sunshine/happy attitude that just helps reduce the horrific situation that he is facing -- come on, death of a kid is never easy! I also loved how Leander dealing with his significant other, Jon the Grumpy Bear. Those moments were just too cute!!

The mystery is good as well. Leander seems to be more 'involved' in sleuthing this time, which I appreciated. Of course it made Jon (and Detective Cora) crazy but it also provided some goodness when Jon being protective of his Leander.

Yep, satisfying read.