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Gryffon Hall (Alexis Duran)

Gryffon Hall - Alexis Duran

3.25 stars

Wryler is traded off to marry one of the most notorious rogues, Lord Aeric Rouchet, and he must leave to the faraway castle. It has a Beauty and the Beast vibe to it for sure, especially because Aeric kept a secret which related to the monsters that keep Aeric away from Wryler to protect the land.

I like a good arranged-marriage trope ... especially between two characters with different traits. This one fits the theme nicely. I thought it was a nice fairy-tale read from a new-to-me author. However, I thought Aeric was "missing" from scenes more that I liked -- it definitely didn't do good for the relationship development between Wryler and Aeric. I also thought the ending was rushed; it didn't fit with the flow of the book.

I did got a LOT of entertainment from the secondary characters, though, most notably the OCD librarian and the useless servant. They provided lots of chuckling moments for me.