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Custom Fit (Josephine Myles)

Custom Fit - Josephine Myles
3.5 stars

While these boys might have to learn about the power of communication, and despite the opposite way of looking at life -- Andrew is more uptight and so cautious about money while Felix is more willing to take chances -- but I thought they really truly fit with each other. When they do talk things out, they are adorable.

I liked that the problem written here was very, uhm, realistic, in terms of struggling with money and getting a job to make ends meet after one finishes college. About trying to reach your dream, do what you are most passionate about, but at the same time finding that you must sacrifice parts of it to get money.

So yeah, I really liked this, slightly better than the first story even (based on my rating, since I don't exactly re-read Tailor Made before starting this one, so I can't really remember the details)