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Accidental Fall (Shae Connor)

Accidental Fall - Shae Connor
3.5 stars

First of all, I never read the first edition so I wouldn’t know if anything changed. I guess there isn’t because it rarely happens.

Greg and Keith were in a different ‘place’ in their lives … Greg was trying to clean-up his act at his new school after being involved with a lot of drinking, smoking, partying, and sex previously. While Keith was enjoying casual sex with others, even if he tried to separate his body and his heart. At first Keith wanted to be friends-with-benefits with Greg, but as he was wooing his roommate, he realized that his heart might be involved after all.

Awww, I thought this was sweet. For a novella, this was pretty slow-burn. Despite them being college boys and roommates, Greg and Keith didn’t get their freak on until late in the story. Mainly it was all because of Greg’s determination to avoid sex at all costs for fear that he would easily go back to his old ways. So I enjoyed reading about them getting to know each other better, including Keith’s attempts for romancing Greg.

It was an easy, light-on-angst story – which was definitely good for something in between more serious/heavy novels. Greg and Keith were both likable young men. The ending might be HFN but I was okay with that since this was basically a beginning of a new relationship for the two of them

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