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Softpaw (Berryl and Osiris Brackhaus)

Softpaw (Smilodon Pride) (Volume 1) - Osiris Brackhaus, Beryll Brackhaus

3.5 stars



First of all, there were moments were I was so appalled with the incompetence that Michel showed as a cop. I mean ... he fell asleep, not once, not twice, but seemed like EVERYTIME he was spending the night with Connor, when he was supposed to keep eyes on 'the suspect'. In addition, where he found the bloody shirt at Connor's place, instead of bringing it to his colleagues for checking, he ended up using the shirt for jerking off, leaving his jizz and DNA ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Seriously? I was ready to dismiss Michel outright. What a stupid thing to do as a cop. Clearly Michel let his head ruled rather than his brain.

Although, I admit, I wasn't that impressed with Connor either. Considering that he was a shifter, in which he was supposed to have better senses than humans he totally didn't react with Michel 'marking' his place with him jerking off. Didn't he smell it?? He smelled Michel's when he smoked but not this one? I thought it was so weird that Connor didn't even suspect anything.

In addition, did I miss something or we never really found out the real identity of Jacqueline? I felt like the revelation of the villain wasn't worth the "hype". In any case, let's just say that the investigation part didn't satisfy me as much.

However ... I though the relationship progress to be really good. It was well-paced, the chemistry was there, as well as the emotional conflict between Connor and Michel, with one being the suspect and the other an undercover cop. I loved that part.

The Paris setting was also wonderful. It felt like another character in this book and it elevated the mood to the whole story. Plus there was one moment that felt like a punch to my gut, when the victims ended up being characters that were introduced to readers quite wonderfully before they died.

So despite the complaint above, I can count this as "really liked" :)

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