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Empty Net (Avon Gale)

Empty Net - Avon Gale

4.25 stars

Another book that I loved so much -- but I didn't exactly have the words to explain on the why's. So you all just have to settle with other people's opinion instead.

The most important things that you need to know -- I loved Isaac Drake so much. I wanted to hug Laurent "Saint" Savoy almost throughout the book.

I loved the progress of their romance and relationship because there was a process from enemies to lovers that was BELIEVABLE for me.

I thought how Isaac dealt with Saint, the part where he told Saint what to do felt right.

I loved that Saint took steps to work on his issue, even if it was because he wanted to make Isaac happy -- because yes, sometimes you need other people's (a.k.a. professional) help with your issue.

I loved the team -- most especially Misha and Max (go Coach!).

I thought Avon Gale wrote demi-sexual character pretty well,

ALTHOUGH ... I also wish that this character with demi-sexuality is not having some sort of abuse/trauma like Saint did. I want a demi or an ace that have "normal / happy" background!. One of the reasons why I couldn't give higher rating just yet.

This whole series is a WINNER!!