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Poison Tongue (Nash Summers)

Poison Tongue - Nash Summers

Sometimes, I just don't want to write long review simply because I don't really have words to explain my opinion.

Let me just say that this romance from Nash Summers is on one hand a traditional love against evil theme -- in terms that Levi is able to break the dark curse that has captured Monroe's soul -- and on the other hand, it also brought a nuance of dark, Gothic, and eerie tale about love.

So despite the feel of repetitiveness that quite similar to my minor issue with Lovers & Fighters (in this case, Summers seems to repetitively remind readers about the swamp, the darkness, the curse, the snake that curling Monroe's body and soul, to the point where I thought "enough already!"), once again, Nash Summer's evocative and atmospheric prose charmed me over.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.