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By Firelight

By Firelight - Janice Maynard

By Firelight: 1.5 stars

I rarely gave a book below 2-stars (simply because 2-stars is my benchmark for "dislike") but MY GOD, this novella just made me want to rant. I'm sorry but this story was ATROCIOUS. I couldn't find anything good to say about it. The dialog was ridiculously bad. The heroine was supposed to be this murder mystery author but she didn't have any sense of danger, being trapped in a cabin with a STRANGER. The hero tucked her hair within minutes of meeting, called her with endearments like sweetheart, honey, or baby -- she proposed sex, and within 48 hours they were ENGAGED. Oh, and she supposedly didn't believe in love because her parents of 35-years just got divorce.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STORY!?! I was fuming mad after I finished.

Stupid, STUPID romance. HMPH.

Hot Arctic Nights: 2.5 stars

This was slightly better but still not good. The heroine arrived in Alaska, for a job, and she didn't even research the place?! Seriously, she came to me as incompetent!! It was getting better as the story went, at least there was some relationship development, although everything was also rushed. But then again, this was a novella, so I kinda expected that. Oh, except when Daniel also ended up proposing to Hallie, and then bought the whole B & B as wedding present. WTF? People might think it was romantic, but me, I prefer to be ASKED when it come to BIG present like that!

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