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Devils and Details (Devon Monk)

Devils and Details (Ordinary Magic Book 2) - Devon Monk


So many things I want to take note about, so I am not going to even put them under spoiler tag (just in case, you miss the spoiler warning). You've been warned...

WHOA ... when sh*ts hit the fan!!! Okay, so two major things happened here ... two majors and a couple of almost major ones as well. There were two cases that Delaney needed to take care off.

One, someone managed to steal ALL (yes, ALL) of the gods' power from Crow. Apparently because Crow had broken one of the rules in Ordinary, another god decided that he must be punished. While taking care of this, Delaney found out that Ordinary had demigod (Poseidon's kid! Hello Percy's sister, haha) and well, Ordinary now had a warden, thanks to Mithra (God of contracts. Judiciary. All-seeing protector of truth) as well as Ryder. Which I would get back to that later.

Two, a very old, VERY VERY old vampire was targeting Rossi's back by killing one of the new vampire, broken Jame, and kidnapped Ben (hiks!). Apparently Rossi had a brother-in-arms who wanted a book of dark magic and ready to bring war to Ordinary.

Apart from that ... Ryder apparently worked as freelancer for Department of Paranormal Protection (reenacted under the Homeland Security Act to make communication with paranormal creatures and protect them), later found out about magical creatures in Ordinary, and well, was made as Mithra's warden (An overseer. A supervisor of contracts, deals, and agreements) which meant that he could act as judge and jury aside of the Reeds family.

YEAH. I know. SO MANY THINGS happened in this book!! My head was still reeling. I honestly thought that the book was better than the first. Sure, Delaney might need to get her head in check because whenever she was in Ryder's vicinity, she seemed to be losing all capabilities to think clearly ... but then the revelation of Ryder being an Agent, and later became the Warden sort of kept my anger in check. It was interesting to see what would happen next.

Delaney was pretty capable heroine (again, except when she was with Ryder hah!) and I loved all the gods here. I was sad that since Crow broke the rule he had to leave Ordinary, considering that he was a hoot! But we still had Than (or Death) who amused me to no end with his unintentional dry humor. Odin was fun too.

And now with the war coming, brought by Lavius, as he still kept Ben with him (I hope he is not dead!! Poor Jame!!), seems like it will be all out fights in book three, which is aptly titled "Gods and Ends", coming Spring 2017. Bring it on, Devon Monk!