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Mission: Improper (Bec McMaster)

Mission: Improper (London Steampunk: The Blue Blood Conspiracy Book 1) - Bec McMaster

She did it again. One of my favorite authors just gave me another 5* read this year. I'll write down opinion later. Still feeling a little hangover from how good this book was.

The only thing that I felt unsure about was the epilogue.

It was written as "three years after all is said and done..." so it was further down the road, and it seemed like everything was going good for our Company of Rogues. But it also felt out of place. I mean, this book was all about setting in the conflict. We still haven't figured out who was the Master behind the dhampir and SOG, and we haven't found out their full intention yet.

So it was weird to have this happiness and peaceful scene after everything that happened. I know that it was meant to show that Byrnes was finally able to fulfil his promise to find Ingrid's family, but I'd rather have that as a separate short story rather than being included here.

(show spoiler)

However, in a grand scheme of things, it was just tiny miniscule niggle. It didn't mean a lot because I loved this book too much to let it bother me.