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DNF Book - Strong Signal (Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell)

Strong Signal - Megan Erickson, Santino Hassell

DNF at 38%

I loved Megan Erickson's previous books. I enjoyed the three books I read from Santino Hassell. So I know they can write book that emotionally engaging for me. But this?

This is like knowing two great chefs from two different restaurants, who are good making complex delicious foods, to work together making ... salty forgettable crunchy popcorn. I may like popcorn but at this moment I am also reading something with stellar writing and complicated sexual tension. So this PALED by comparison.

To me the romance (at least to the point where I DNF-ed) felt superficial. I couldn't care less for the characters (I don't even remember their name as I am writing this opinion!), or the emails/chats exchange that mainly full of sexual contents or dirty talks (BLEH!) (Oh, I realized that epistolary writing style might not be for me), or the gaming portion (or the FWO, Twitch, or the XXXTube). Like I could seriously pay attention to a guy who was angry because his character in a cyber world got killed?
Uhm. Yeah. No.

I'm bailing out. As always DNF book is not rated.

Not sure if I want to check the sequel because if it's something similar this, it might also not for me *shrugs*. Let's just wait and see.