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One Lucky Hero (Codi Gary)

One Lucky Hero - Codi Gary

2.5 stars

Maybe I was having wrong expectation and not in the right mood when reading this. The truth is, the drama llama brought this story down for me, making it not enjoyable. All the characters seem to have A LOT baggage! Including Violet's family members as secondary characters. It was too much :(

While I appreciated the Alpha Dog program and I liked some of the scenes where Casey and Dean worked with the dogs, but the rest of this book was a struggle for me to read. In fact I ended up skimming until the end because I just didn't find the joy I wanted.

In addition, I am not really a big fan of heroines in adult romance whose age are closer to early 20's (Violet was only 24 years old) ... probably because I'm closer to 40's myself and prefer to read older heroines these days. Except if I know early on that the book is in YA/NA genre.

Also see this review and this review because they have the same opinion as me.

Not sure if I want to continue this series since I wasn't exactly loving the prequel novella as well *shrugs*