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City of Secrets (Sonya Bateman)

City of Secrets (The DeathSpeaker Codex Book 5) - Sonya Bateman

~*~*~ SPOILER REVIEW ~*~*~

OMG!! This is definitely my favorite book so far (and one of my favorites of the year!!) from The DeathSpeaker Codex series because of a number of reasons.

The MAJOR one?? The appearance of GAVYN DONATTI AND IAN!!!

Gavyn and Ian are the main characters from Bateman's Gavyn Donatti series. I read the two books around 5 years ago but the series stopped. Sonya Bateman said that she was trying to get the rights from the publisher so I didn't really have any expectation. So imagine my surprise when they appeared here (Sonya said in her FB that she now had the rights, and there might be future Gavyn Donatti books. Yippee!!)

Gideon and Taeral were joining forces with Gavyn and Ian to stop "batshit crazy, ten-thousand-year-old jaguar djinn" who were targeting the Miles Dei members (yep, the djinn killed them by ripping their hearts out and sucked their blood dry!). For once, the threats didn't directly against Gideon and team, and I was quite happy with that. These guys need a break. I was also quite overjoyed with the wipe out of the Valentines and that evil FBI agent, Redfield. This is one occasion where I didn't particularly feel bad for the victims *lol*

As always, it went fast-paced, doused with some awesome banters between Gideon/Taeral and Gavyn/Ian. I loved that Gideon was getting more comfortable with his own power. Gideon and Gavyn clicked immediately, having to deal with hot-tempered Taeral and Ian. I loved this team so frickin' much. I hope they will work together again.

Sadie rather takes a back-seat since she was dealing with a teenager rat, Eli. I was completely amused with this development. It seemed that Sadie totally became Mama Wolf for Eli and Taeral was dragged along for the ride, being an 'unexpected' father to Eli -- what could he do? Sadie is his girlfriend *LOL*

All in all, this was TRULY FUN read!! I loved every minute of it, cannot think of ANYTHING wrong with it. None. For that alone, I'm giving this 5-stars. Because if I have to pick a book in this series to re-read, this will be the one (and I don't really do re-read haha). I can't wait for more Gideon Black as well as more Gavyn Donatti.

SQUEEEE *hugs book*