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His Royal Secret (Lilah Pace)

His Royal Secret - Lilah Pace

Lilah Pace is a new-to-me author ... but I was drawn to the blurb of this start of a duology mainly because I love Merlin/Arthur fan fiction.

Okay, what is the connection? Well, you see, one of my favorite themes in that fandom is "Modern Royalty" -- as in Arthur is still the Prince/King (and Merlin the commoner who then becomes the consort). So when I read this blurb, I thought OMG, a Merlin/Arthur theme came alive!! I was quite excited.

Unfortunately, I thought the romance felt rather underwhelming. I wasn't sure whether it had something to do with the writing chemistry between the author and myself (such thing exists!!) but I didn't have a strong emotional connection to the characters. I liked James and Ben individually but as a unit, they lacked the "oomph" that made my heart soaring with joy and made me want to root for them completely from the very get-go.

I admit I even skimmed a bit in the middle because despite the situation surrounding our MCs (a kind of forbidden love! secrets of the prince! the princess having mental illness!), this book also felt humdrum. Maybe because it was somehow overshadowed with the number of sex that our characters were having?

Whatever it was, this book ended up on the "just-okay" spectrum of my rating. It didn't blew my mind. Having said that, I am still going to read the next one because I want to see how it ends.

See also Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾'s review because I completely agreed with her assessment.