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Adulting 101 (Lisa Henry)

Adulting 101 - Lisa Henry
3.75 stars rounded up

Despite my frequently thinking how this book was channeling Sterek fan fiction (Nick = Stiles, Devon = Scott, Chris = Stiles' Dad. Jai = a touch of Derek?), I still enjoyed it. Sure, I didn't laugh out loud (different humor bone) but I did smiled a lot.

What made this book a 4-stars category was how it resonated with me in several different ways. I seriously envied ANYONE who could can say who they want to be, who are sure about their role in this world. I have passed my teenager years almost two decades ago, but sometimes I still wonder whether I will leave this world with something meaningful.

So when Nick said “I don’t know what I want to do. I don’t know what I want to be. I don’t even know who I am right now, I guess, and everyone else seems to have it all figured out.” ... I totally got his point. I knew what he meant by that... and throughout the book, I wonder if I actually ever passed Adulting 101 myself in real life. If I dismissed Nick's rambling thoughts (I liked it, but it could be quite exhausting to read after a while), what laid beneath, he just stated what I sometimes questioned myself. And THAT touched me deep.

I loved Jai for being grounded. Sure, Jai had the wanderlust, the itch and restlessness to travel, but it didn't mean that he wasn't being an 'adult'. In that sense, Jai was so, SO good for Nick. I loved that Jai kept being level-headed, despite being fired because his supervisor caught him in that porta-potty with Nick. I mean, this guy was so cool even if he had to deal with teenagers in his new job OR even if he was caught several times by other people when going down with Nick (including Nick's own DAD! *lol*). How could I not love him for that.

Yep. I loved this (I detracted the rating because like I said, Nick's rambling was exhausting after a while). But overall, it was a good coming-of-age story. Kudos, Lisa.