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One Hot Summer (Melissa Cutler)

One Hot Summer: A One and Only Texas Novel - Melissa Cutler

Melissa Cutler's is a new-to-me author -- I see that she has written several books previously but I decided to try her latest one. Besides, it's the start of a new series and I figure if I like it, it will be easier for me to follow through.

Well, hell, I think I made the right choice because One Hot Summer is HIGHLY entertaining! I immediately LOVED Remedy, yep, just as soon as she maneuvered the golf cart to stop "a rampage" elephant named Gwyneth *LOL*. Yeah, someone who doesn't lose her cool over seeing an elephant running on golf course get my vote.

Micah was a fine specimen, but I admit that at times I got annoyed with him acting like a total jerk with his prejudice against rich people, which included his stereotyping of Remedy as a Hollywood princess... however, at the same time, I couldn't fully blame him because I may have similar views for rich people myself (*haha*).

The winning recipe for this book, for me, is the sizzling and believable chemistry between Remedy and Micah. Despite their different background -- Remedy is the only child of two famous Hollywood stars, while Micah is a Texan born and true -- they seemed to complement one another. Remedy might run havoc at times because she could be a klutz but Micah was a perfect hero to save the day. Micah could be a little uptight but Remedy showed him that being a rich girl didn't mean sunshine and roses, and that made Micah more understanding. Oh, and not to mention their banters/bickers. They were SHARP and FUN.

All in all, I thought One Hot Summer was a delightful read -- especially with the swear-loving elephant, golf-cart crashes, stalking pigeons, and melons *grin*. I truly enjoyed it.