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Fallow (Jordan L. Hawk)

Fallow - Jordan L. Hawk

3.5 stars

This is for the first time after seven books, that I wasn't completely enamored by this new installment of Whyborne & Griffin series -- me sad :(. Let me write down the things that annoyed me a lot first ... so I can end this opinion in positive note.

More so than the rest, I was superbly annoyed with Whyborne, and his 'guilt' feel that ended up making him keeping secrets from Griffin. I have a LOT of series that I follow religiously, and one thing that I always want from long-time series featuring same couple, is that I want them to stay/become solid as they go and face the world together. Become power couple, you know?

So after four years together that span into SEVEN books, this kind of behavior from Whyborne is not one I can easily tolerate. If this is going to become something repetitive in the next books?? Yeah, if so, I am going to stay annoyed *hmph*. And as much as I enjoy Whyborne being clueless again with the idea of women being into him, at times I found him being whiny and a little bit too judgey. Guess I was having short fuse when I read this book.

BUT, BUT ... I loved the idea of Griffin going back to Fallow and finally got his closure. As much as it was difficult for him, especially knowing what his Ma did, I thought it was needed. At least now Griffin can move forward. I loved everything about Griffin in this book, and I wanted to hug him when things got tough.

And another positive note? Christine Putnam-Barnett still kicked ass!