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Stranded with Desire (Vivien Dean & Rick R. Reed)

Stranded with Desire (Dreamspun Desires Book 15) - Vivien Dean, Rick R. Reed

Don't know what happened here ... I usually can enjoy Vivien Dean's stories, although at the same time I don't really have chemistry with Reed's. Maybe it's the combination of the two? In any case, this was just NOT my kind of book

- The writing felt 'dry', nothing in here able to evoke any emotion in me for the characters. I get more emotion reading cook book -- STRIKE 1

- Urgh, dream/fantasy scenes -- STRIKE 2


[PLUS the fact that Maine was ENGAGED the whole time, including when they had sex?? I can "forgive" this kind of plot if I care enough for the couple or at least I believe in their intense chemistry, that they actually belong to one another. But in this case, I didn't!]

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