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The Angel Blues (Cornelia Grey)

The Angel Blues - Cornelia Grey

3.5 stars

For a short story to make an impact, even if it only captured one moment of a lifetime, it had to make me feel something. Characters, or plot, or tone of the story. And Cornelia Grey, one of my favorite MM authors EVER, was able to bring that melancholy/nostalgic tone to this short, AGAIN.

The Angel Blues was previously released in Dreamspinner Press Anthology A Brush of Wings. I didn't have the anthology so when I saw this one being sold separately, I immediately went ahead and bought it.

I could feel Nathan's struggle with his "bad days" being a seasoned cop. I loved that these two shared love and appreciation for the blues. Cornelia's writing made me want to look for the songs myself and play it on a lonely/silent/moody night. I would love to read more about these two, knowing that despite Spencer's action (and what was his consequences??!), they would still be okay.