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False Start (Alison Hendricks)

False Start (Eastshore Tigers Book 2) - Alison Hendricks

I enjoyed the first book in this series, Strong Side, so I decided to read the sequel too.

Unfortunately, this wasn't as engaging as Jason and Derek's story. To be honest, I was quite surprised with Dante Mills as main character. I didn't remember him being/showing interest with guys in that book. But I guess his later-developed bisexuality didn't annoy me as much as I realized that the formula was similar to Strong Side -- up to that ending with Dante telling the press about his other half much like Derek telling the press that he loved Jason. It just felt repetitive.

While Hendricks tried to inject a new conflict of social-gap, with Mitch being one of the rich white boy, and Dante as less fortunate black man ... the execution made me feel like the attraction between them to be rather forced. Also there was quite enough of cliché in addressing this issue, all the way to Mitch being completely clueless and stupid regarding his money and Mitch's father offering money to Dante to break up with Mitch.

So this ended up just being on a so-so spectrum for me. I did like Dante's deep love for his Mom. I also adored Dante's mom and Mitch's smarter younger sister. I would still check out future book from this series, but I do hope Hendricks come up with different dynamic/formula for her characters.