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Rock With You (Rachel Lacey)

Rock with You (Risking It All) - Rachel Lacey

This being a novella prequel to Lachey's upcoming "Risking It All" series, I already toned down my expectation -- somehow sensing that it would most likely be falling-in-love-instantly kind of situation. And I was right.

While Carly and Sam was trapped at a rented cabin during snow storm for two days helped grounding the intimacy level, making it more believable for me, but I couldn't still pass the fact that they had sex before knowing much about each other *shrugs*. The foreplay with tasting the desserts was cute though.

In the end, I thought it was an okay read; nice but lack of fully developed characters and romance. Still, I'm looking forward to the first novel in this series, Run to You, which will be released later this month.