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Daring the Wolf (Skylar M. Cates)

Daring the Wolf - Skylar M. Cates

2.75 stars rounded up.

Definitely different than Cates' usual stories. Daring the Wolf didn't shy away from both erotica and violence. While I didn't really mind the numerous rough sex scenes and the kinks (I've been warned) but the world-built and the relationship progress were not the best coming from her.

Honestly, I didn't really feel Gabe and Ethan *shrugs*. Considering that Gabe and Ethan had history -- which makes this a "second chance" theme -- I thought it was lacking (unresolved) tension between them. Plus Ethan ended up forgiving Gabe quite fast, with a way that I thought was rather ridiculous (

Really, just let Gabe bottom for you because it was a way to show "trust"?

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). I guess I was missing "something" that would make me care for this couple.

Also, I kept wondering about the whole werewolf part.

So if being a werewolf is genetic, what could trigger the gene? Since I assume not all people with the werewolf gene was turned into werewolves. Plus I was a bit annoyed that the name of the gene was mentioned only once, but not explained later on, like it was suddenly forgotten.

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So yeah, not my favorite of hers at the moment. Having said that, if Sebastian's story is written next, I might return to read his. Especially if his mate is Presley. That should be interesting.