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Best In Show (Kelly Jensen)

Best in Show - Kelly Jensen

3.5 stars

Okay, I will admit it. That tabby cat on the cover was my biggest reason to impulsively buy this novella. What can I say, I can be such a sucker for cats. Of course, I am also familiar with Kelly Jensen's previous stories, so it's not like I buying this cat in the bag (*teehee*)

Well, I thought it was cute. I was exceptionally amused with the reason why Mac was cursed (Entering a cat show, Mac? Seriously? *LOL*). I enjoyed Mac and Julian interaction, including when Mac became that grumpy cat who refused to purr (*grin*).

What annoyed me about this novella was the Aunt character though. I thought she was kind of a bi*ch for me. When she turned Julian into a mouse, I was ready to slap her and I was unsatisfied that she pretty much got what she wanted easily just because she was a witch. HMPH!!

All in all, it was good/easy reading in between novels. Plus there is a cat on the cover. That's always a winning point (ahahaha)