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Derivation (Lyn Gala)

Derivation (Aberrant Magic Book 2) - Lyn Gala

Will admit, the whole explanation about shaman, adepts, talents, jinn, ifrit, the whole human vs. spirit plane ... kinda went WAY over my head *lol*. But I took it in stride ... I pretty much reacted to this the same way I read Gala's Claimings series. I might not understand everything but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Can I say that I really, REALLY loved Bennu? Darren's spirit guide (partner) was a rebel *lol*. Bennu simply rocked!! I loved reading about what Bennu could do. Bennu redefined rules over and over again and I adored him for it. I enjoyed Kavon having to change his understanding about Darren and Bennu more than once because Bennu didn't play by the rules.

I loved that Kennu and Darren were pretty much solid ... they could argued, but they communicated things. Loved that.

I didn't really pay attention to the mystery because I learned from the first book, that the mystery was a bit underwhelming. At least the villain in this one wasn't totally out of the left field (which was my huge complaint for Deductions) and when I thought back about the clues, the explanation kind of made sense.

Book #3 coming next month. Whoo hoo!