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Bottle Boys (Anyta Sunday)

Bottle Boys - Anyta Sunday
“I’m desperate for you to forgive me. I would be the most fortunate guy in the world to be second in your life.”

I don't know how Anyta Sunday does it ... because after I finished this short story, my heart just ached. I swear, if I didn't read this (sneakily) at the office, I might already bawled and cried like a baby. I couldn't say that the story was sad, or angsty. I didn't think that Anyta was aiming for that either. But it was a subtle way of how the young love progressed, that it just grabbed my heart and squeezed the life out of it.

I admit that in the beginning, I didn't know where the story was going. I was also a bit weary with this being a new adult storyline, since YA/NA is not really my favorite genre -- one of the reasons I still haven't read the anthology, where this story first appeared.

Slowly, I was hooked. I was charmed with Ben and him collecting the bottles to make money, but then giving it to Sebastian who needed it more. I loved Ben's heart -- it shined like a precious diamond -- and what he did to Sebastian was what wrecked me in the end. It was beautiful, real, without agenda, and just MOVED me!

I loved Ben's family too -- even if Nico, his nine years old! brother felt more like a teenager. I loved the friendship. And I loved the originality feel to this story.

A gem of a short story. Kudos.