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Nightshades (Melissa F. Olson)

Nightshades - Melissa F. Olson

3.5 stars

Need to say this first: Cliffhanger is EVIL!! How could you, author?!?

I am familiar with Melissa F. Olson's other urban fantasy series (and I like them very much), so I don't really think twice of trying this new one of hers. The opening was quite a punch -- scary and gritty. Then the story rolled.

I liked Olson's portrayal of vampires ... or shades. I liked the characters introduced as well. Alex McKenna, the new SAC of Bureau of Paranormal Investigations Chicago, who has a chip on his shoulder, trying to prove himself being his own man, without the 'family name' behind him. Then there's Lindy, a millenia-old vampire who tries to cut ties from other shades, and blends with humans. They team up to catch Hector, Lindy's brother, who has captured teenagers to study and create special bond he used to have with Lindy, before Lindy breaks it off.

The idea is intriguing ... but then, you know, cliffhanger (ARGH!). This is definitely more like a set-up, I think, to future books. I am going to follow it, just because I need to know what will happen with Alex's best friend. I hope he doesn't die. Or being used by Hector!