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Breathing Betrayal (Bellora Quinn & Sadie Rose Bermingham)

Breathing Betrayal (Elemental Evidence Book 1) - Bellora Quinn, Sadie Rose Bermingham

2.5 stars

The prologue should be up my alley. A promise of a good mystery. Unfortunately, this ended up just a 'meh' read for me. The paranormal world-built wasn't clear enough somehow. Maybe it was my fault for not exactly remembering (or re-reading) the blurb but these days I want to read books without referring to blurb so it will like a blank sheet experience.


Anyway, I kept thinking it was a contemporary mystery until the MCs were talking about their 'gifts' and it kinda took me out of the story. I also kept thinking what the heck was Mari saying about being Weston's guinea pigs? I didn't understand the context and it just one thing that weirdly stood out.

The mystery was okay. But I was highly distracted (and then annoyed) with the long sex scenes as well, especially with one started early, around 1/4 of this book. At one point I was actually screaming inside my head, "focus on finding that missing man and stop thinking with your dick!"

I read the rest with a rather indifferent manner. Or maybe it was my bad reading mood that also contributed to this opinion. Probably will stay away from romance for few days, maybe looking at different genre altogether with minimum sexual content.