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Steadfast (Sarina Bowen)

Steadfast (True North Book 2) - Sarina Bowen

3.5 stars

I liked this slightly better than the first one, mainly because of Jude. I have long-distance cousins who died because of drug addictions. I loved that Jude's chapters were marked with his cravings status. It showed that some days were good and some days were bad, and what he was going through. I rooted so much for Jude to succeed. Heck, I was upset for him when the hospital gave him the drug when he was unconscious, knowing that he worked so hard to avoid it in the first place.

Because of that, I was also annoyed with the whole Jude being framed issue. For me, it kinda wiped out the whole idea of "Jude wanting to be a better man because of one horrible mistake of his past". I thought it would be better if Jude indeed did it, owned his mistakes, and learned from it. I mean, one person can still be good despite of his faults. It will make Jude's story more of an achievement, and his romance with Sophie to be, well, a triumph against all odds, you know?. I would've rated this book higher if not for that one fact. I just don't agree with the author for taking this path.

As for Sophie, she was okay. I admired her steadfast loyalty (hah, see what I did there with the title reference) for Jude. But let's face it, I read this book for Jude, not for Sophie. Oh, and I didn't dig the sex scenes at all. Skimmed all of them. But that was probably also due to my mood these days *shrugs*