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Souls For Sale (Asta Idonea)

Souls For Sale - Asta Idonea

2.75 stars rounded up

21st Century Demon: 2.5 stars

Well, that was different ... the writing style, I mean. Using 1st person POV, Saul also talks to readers, like narrating a movie where he talks about what he thinks or feels. It takes a little while for me to get used to it -- but I can attribute it to his character (I found him quite full of himself sometimes :p).

BUT, I didn't really buy the sudden switch from Saul seeing Thomas as a target then suddenly falls for this human and even willing to get rid of the signed contract. It wasn't convincing enough, considering they only spend that one night (of few hours) together. Not like we know that Thomas is someone with pure heart or even, I don't know, fallen angel or something *shrugs*

Let's see what the second story brings.

Hell to Pay: 3 stars

Since the second story is longer, I was expecting a more fleshed out content. I didn't exactly get it though. I mean, the second story now have three perspectives: Saul, Tom, and this angel Baruchiel, whose task is to save Tom. Unfortunately it was rather repetitive.

Saul and Tom run away, had sex, followed by Adramelech and Baruchiel, run away again, had sex, and so on. PLUS, their perspectives also didn't offer anything new. Saul lamenting about his sweet Tom, and Tom lamenting about Saul ... and somehow I got the notion that it was only physical between these two, rather than falling in love for each other's souls.

Still because it was longer than the first story, at least I could get the perspective from Tom this time.