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Dinner For One (Meg Harding)

Dinner for One - Meg Harding

3.5 stars

I really liked both men.

Bastien could easily be written as a pretentious snob so finding him awkward and rather shy with James was adorable. And him owning a cat is another winning point *lol* #catlover

And while I am not a big fan of romance that involves or contains secret (which of course will end up blowing up on the MC's face as climax), I could understand why James kept his identity a secret. I mean, reviews can be sacrilegious for restaurants, right? It can make or break them. Besides, James showed that he could do good groveling. Although the idea came from his brothers *lol*

Speak of James's siblings, I thought they were awesome! I loved reading about MC's siblings too.

However, I also found the numerous sex scenes to be distracting and ended skimming most of them. Like Bastien's sister said, adult relationship is more than just sex, and I found those slightly lacking here. The groveling part also took a little too long, even if James successfully making me hungry.

Oh, and like my friend Irene texted me... Why did suddenly James's occupation as the food critic faded away while he was with Bastien? He turned into a cook rather than a critic introduced in the beginning...

Anyway, I heard this will become a series. Well, I will definitely be there for the sequel. I really enjoy Meg Harding's stories so far :)