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Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me (Anna Martin)

Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me and One Time I Kissed Him First - Anna  Martin
3.5 stars

I have only ventured to fan fiction about three years ago when I stumbled into the wonderfulness of Merlin/Arthur as a couple. Since then I have some couples whose fandom work for me, so I am quite familiar now with the 5 (+1) structure of fan fiction. That was one of the reasons I got curious with this one. I wonder how it would with original fiction!

Well, first of all, I thought the friends-to-lovers theme was working here. It was sweet and there was something VERY gratifying when I reached the ending to read how Evan and Scott finally came to that moment after years of being friends.

Unfortunately, the non-linear timeline didn't work so well for me. I LOVED "The Second Time" and "The First Time" chapter, but the non-linear timejump after the fallout of their friendship to reunited again eight years later with Scott getting very sick which prompts the moving forward was, well, not smooth for me.

One of the things that make 5 (+1) structure works so well in fan fiction for me is the familiarity of the characters. I don't really need their background. I know about them already so I am good just reading about their slices of life. In here though, I felt like I missed quite a lot of built-up between Evan and Scott, especially the missing years after they got drifted apart.