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Waking Hearts (Elizabeth Hunter)

Waking Hearts (Cambio Springs Mysteries) (Volume 3) - Elizabeth Hunter

After reading about Ollie (and his more-than-fifteen-years-old love towards Allie) in the previous book, Desert Bound, I was so sure that this would be a winner. I am a sucker for friends-to-lovers stories ... and Ollie & Allie have known each other for two decades!!

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time being frustrated over how long it was for the two of them to make a move!! Ollie thought that with Joe (Allie's husband) being dead, Allie would need time to mourn; he thought it was the wrong timing, and he didn't want to be rebound guy. While Allie thought that she had too many baggage, being a widow with four kids, so she wanted Ollie to have a better, more amazing woman that she was. MY GOD YOU TWO!! I wanted so badly to go inside these pages, locked Ollie and Allie in a steel-room to talk things out. Even their friends think they were being idiots


Well, at least they came to their senses half-way. Still it went a bit too long for my preference. I was getting impatient with them. Then they had to work out the answer on why Joe was murdered. The story went pretty fast after that. In fact, the ending went a bit too fast with one week later, six months later, two months later segment.

I liked the kids -- thought they were adorable. But they couldn't really save the adults being stupid. Which was why I could only give this my 3-stars okay rating for now.

That Epilogue is promising though. Sean Quinn, the snake ... with the baby sister of Caleb, the skinwalker as well as Cambio Spring's sheriff?? Sounds like it is going to be hilarious in a way.