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Clockwork Pirate (Lyn Gala)

Clockwork Pirate - Lyn Gala

3.5 stars

Quite a satisfying tale of a margrave being captured by a swashbuckling African pirate. I admit, I felt it was rather dragging at places, though. Plus Beche's discussion about the man/woman's soul and body was a little too much (= strange) for my taste. However, the characters were alive within these pages from Alex, Beche, to the secondary characters of the ship crews as well as Alex's sisters. The relationship built-up, from the time when Alex was first captured to the very end, was fulfilling.

In addition, I had to give props to Lyn Gala for creating COMPETENT and RESOURCEFUL women here. I have enough of women being portrayed as bitchy or villain-y in M/M romance or the big obstacle for the men to get their true love.