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Just A Suit (H.P. Medina)

Just a Suit - H.P Medina

3.75 stars rounded up

I thought this was fun, cute, and pretty "complete" for a short story. Grumpy Merrick was adorable. I was so entertained with him being passionate over his works and his suits, that he would end up ranting whenever he felt that others didn't appreciate fashion that well *lol*. I loved Merrick's narration for sure.

I also enjoyed the dynamic over his friendship with Darcy ^^. Despite this being a short story, I could feel their feelings towards each other and easily believed their attraction (loved their first kiss, heck I even enjoyed the sex scene!).

I would love it even more if this was a novella length (haha!). Yeah, I could be greedy when a short story was that enjoyable.