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The Big Keep (Melissa F. Olson)

The Big Keep: A Lena Dane Mystery - Melissa F. Olson

3.25 stars

I am more familiar with Olson's urban fantasy stories. But I like her writing so I decided to try this one. I liked the mystery okay -- Lena's relationship with his young teenager client, Nate, was the highlight of this book for me. Nate's story, his reason of hiring Lena in the first place, was pretty heartbreaking. I felt so much for this kid and I was happy with how his story ended. So I loved Nate and Lena's father, most especially.

Lena herself, on the other hand ... well, I truly didn't know what to make of her. I was having a difficult time reading about her reaction of being pregnant, keeping it a secret from her husband, not taking care of her pregnancy (she seemed to dismissing it out right) ... I mean, I sort of understand later on why she reacted that way, but before reaching to that point, it was quite a mess to read. Then there was that moment where Toby gave her the ultimatum, making her choose the baby or the job. Truth be told, I wasn't even sure if her marriage would survive -- or that it would be a stronger union after everything.

It was quite uncomfortable reading most of the time :(. Luckily Nate, and his case saved the book in the end for me.