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A Second Harvest (Eli Easton)

A Second Harvest - Eli Easton

3.75 stars rounded up

I needed to get 'things I didn't like' out of the way first. I will never, ever, be comfortable to read M/M romance stories that has religious element in it. The thing is, the arguments from both sides will become repetitive (or wrongness vs. nature). It rarely see eye to eye in M/M romance. Usually, it will end up with the MCs leaving the religion altogether. I understand that in religion will always be one of the most significant opponent of homosexuality. But I guess I wish of seeing the MCs who in the end embrace both his faith and his sexuality.

Anyway, so yes, that part made me uneasy. I also could do without the gay bashing as well because that part was quite disturbing to read. Oh, and the time jump in the end? Yeah, not happy with that.

However, apart from that, this story was SOLID. I loved Eli Easton's writing, and I loved how she built up the relationship between David and Christie. From the tentative neighbors, to being friends over Christie's foods and David's love for culture, before finally arriving as lover. I believed in these two so much! I knew that everything that happened between them, including the gay bashing and David's kids reactions would just make them stronger as a couple.

So another winner from the pen of Eli Easton :)