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Return of the Hunters (Sonya Bateman)

Return of the Hunters (The DeathSpeaker Codex) (Volume 4) - Sonya Bateman

This book marked the first time that Gideon working closely together with the Duchenes family, since Tereal and Sadie are going for a mini-holiday and Daoin stays in Arcadia. Apparently, the elder of the Duchene, Zoba, is both 'cursed' and indebted to the powerful voodoo god, Legba, and if they cannot be free from Legba, he will be dead. Gideon is then asked (well, forced kind of) to help by Denei ... and so Gideon, Reun, and the Duchenes are off to New Orleans to fight a god.

Sometimes I feel really bad for the hero (and heroines) in Urban Fantasy genre. It's like they cannot take a break *lol*. The event in this book happened only two weeks after Realm of Mirrors. Not only that, Gideon must fought his oldest demons ... his family of hunters, the Valentines. Apparently, the Valentines were also recruited by FBI agent (!) who is part of the Milus Dei organization, so imagine their glee when they were able to capture Gideon. Poor, poor, Gideon. At least the tortures were off-page.

At first I was quite pissed with Denei's trick to ask Gideon's for help -- by drugging and kidnapping him, and then asked him to take a deathly oath. How could you, Denei?!? But then understanding what happened to Zoba helped calm my anger. And the Duchene didn't really walk out of the fight without casualties. Their youngest, Rex and Senobia, were both dead.

The part where Gideon met the previous DeathSpeaker, the Mad Kelwyyn, was intriguing. I wonder what the powerful Word is. And of course, that ending, where Redfield (the FBI Agent) are releasing the Valentines again, as well as this mysterious creature ... I am sure that book 5 will be another intense battle for Gideon and the gang.