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Buried Memory (Adam Wright)

Buried Memory (Harbinger P.I.) (Volume 2) - Adam J Wright

I though the second book in Wright's Harbinger P.I. series definitely up the ante after the introduction in book #1. In this one, we had Alec fighting demons inside a flying plane (seriously, that part drove me to the edge of my seat!), armies of the dead, traitors inside Society of Shadow, a deadly Egyptian curse, while uncovering old and buried memories. Yep, Alec was definitely busy in this book...

I had a feeling about Alec's buried memory -- [that it would have something to do with his mother's death] -- but it would be interesting to see WHY it happened, and why those memories needed to be locked in the first place. There was a hint of Alec's power growing and it made me itchy to start book #3 right away. Good thing I already have it with me. As soon as I finished other currently reading titles, I'm jumping for that one.